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THE GODDESS: a Canticle
(the provisional translation into English)

Lada Lethe Lalita al-Lat

1. [The Other]
Awake! I am not the one and the many –
the essence of Me is unquantifiable;
I am not a mother or a virgin –
verily, I am the other to all;
for the other deity – the nameless faith
of such as don't pray for any;
already having all, the rich in spirit
are flying out of exuberance to freedom.

2 [Pigeon]
.........! Allow turn to Thee,
a feeling, speech and hearing grant me,
let approach the azure visage,
like a bird having soared up at the clouds,
not high hovers hunting down an aim,
nor does flap wings having heard a whisper of snakes,
but as a pigeon ascended at height,
has been circling - seeking a sky stream.

3 [Womanhood]
Devi, Thea, Inkosazana, Xi-wang-mu, al-Lat, Ya-nebya ...
What are wonderful names, but it's solely part,
they have each a portion of Thy secret, 
oh, if only to carry to the others!
But Thou won't leave the languor of those,
whose hearts are athirst for love.
Wherewith one may beatify us more,
than with Thy womanhood.

4 [Mothered]
My Goddess, my Lady 
unfading guardian of peace.
Thou almighty art. Then could
begot an uncountable quantity of worlds,
since Thy kind of most fertile sometime,
Thou mothered a little. Any the beings
eternally happy of just one thought:
the spring of fate is the divine mother.

5 [Path]
The serenity, fairest, good,
bliss, responsive to a prayer;
there are no words to describe the perfections of Thy nature.
Oh, if only a word has been Thy peculiarity;
then the canticle flowed on the souls were overcome by ardour.
But no, it's only the presence sign the other.
The path to Thee another: a way of life,
the experience's flow, consciousness of Thee.

6 [Nothingness]
Thou art not a creature and didn't need it,
Thou art the creator and mistress
exclusively by own affording.
Being neither a part nor the wholeness of all
Thou can invest with a variform.
It may from nothingness a good creation
or the return of worlds into nonexistence.
In Thy powers becoming nothing Thyself.

7 [Image]
With a reminder of all truths
Thou descend to all people.
Thou come to each nation, in each home,
sometimes in the image of a beloved and loving wife
or a charming girlfriend,
sometimes as a careful mother, a sister, or an orphan.
And now Thy dominion is capable
to join the shoreless with a finite.

8 [Messenger]
Tho' the humanity's salvation in its entirety
occurs, when a masculine body
partook in Her pilgrimage on the earth.
He becomes a messenger to people,
whom She elected and brought closer.
For the messenger to people in order to speaking
a medium with heaven is what for,
in case warms him by care - She Herself ...

9 [Eve]
Once Thou appeared as Eve.
In the beautiful gardens, finding Adam,
Thou became his faithful wife.
And gave the kind children,
and main - the fruit of discernment in evil and good.
And have taught every creating name,
that opened hearts to the wisdom
and a thirst for knowledge Thee.

10 [Sati]
Thou was a princess by the name Sati,
but fallen in love with warlike Shiva,
brought on anger of the menacing father.
Then on the day of sacrifice light
one parted plunged into the flames
having presented a lesson in hot sacrificial love.
And Shiva performed the order
and has taught to live for Thy sake and to die.

11 [Alcmena]
Upon the stony hills
of the blest land
into the world from the noble kin
had come holy Alhmena.
Son Heracles in Thy name
went for feats - numberless -
purifying the human souls
of the rooted wicies.

12 [Nefertiti]
Divine Nefertiti with crowned Akhenaten
once found themselves amid the mountains.
In between two of them the sun was going under,
and pointing to the shine of the azure firmament,
Thou have revealed to him and discovered the world.
Henceforth he only thought of One
Who appears abloom at the radiant sky
and warms the reaching palms.

13 [Radha]
When Krishna has got virility mid grasses of Vrindavan,
Radha appeared to him as a shepherdess.
Having captived him by Thyself beauty,
Thou had filled up life with coolness on a glow day.
A blessed amorousness settled into the hearts of ones
who sees the exaltation of the life in Radha,
the abode of their thoughts,
the aim and the source of feelings.

14 [Mary]
Thou art borne in mind in the image of Mary,
the messenger Herself was chosen
in the person of beloved son Yeshua.
Was Thou with him as he got out to the men,
and - when the same ones turned away from him.
The son has measure up to hopes teaching many.
Gospel, that doesn't have more sublime:
The Mother Goddess is the comforter of soul.

15 [Sevnye]
Lived the children of Yabta Salya, sister and brother.
Divine Sevnye, herself is still young,
in the german brother has found one
who is invincible from the sister's love,
delivered Thee off the custody.
You were saved on the edge of the earth
from evil forces pursued the little ones
and have made happy common folk.

16 [Khodijah]
Khodijah, a long time Thou been waiting one
who will unite the freedom-loving.
Has found in Muhammad, the orphan,
most faithful and honest of the nation.
He was an orphan, - and Thou've related to him,
was a poor, - Thou've enriched,
was illiterate, - Thou've done him
the people's lawmaker.

17 [Mama Ocllo]
Mama Ocllo and Manco Capac -
who are You more? -
the sister with brother
or the wife and man.
How caring You were
about all life round Ye;
nay from onerous ground digging
the quadruped had been saved.

18 [Tian Hou]
Has gone still young Tian Hou, Bek-niu from us,
having time to secure many mid the waves.
The brothers have carried throughout whole life
the appeared image in sea saying:
that no man dares to tell
that She is under necessity of any place,
that there is an eternity while and while of a change,
consequences time and time of their causes.

19 [Bebe Nanaki]
Most holy-wise Bebe Nanaki!
Was worthy Thy younger brother.
Since the birth Nanak was called by Thee
to be a beacon amidst the errors.
Thou art guardian of his childhood, -
when as a madman and a recluse from life
the near ones considered him; and in his youth,
have taken to Sultanpur city under Thy veil.

20 [Chugul]
Thou also appeared as Chugul,
becoming an orphan knowing hard times.
But Chet had mercy, he's verily Abai,
for whom Thou art more his very own daughter.
Thou have unbosomed Oneself to him for that
and has taught the pure white faith,
which is bloodless and plenteous
like rivers of milk ...

21 [Communion]
The dignity of communion with Thee
bestowed in love with Thee.
Alone deemed one of Thee every moment,
alone overwhelmed by desire Thee,
yearned for eagerness to be possessed of
the grandeur nature of Thy beauty,
he hopes to behold the reflection of
divine visage on the water's surface of the skies.

22 [Wife]
Unearthly mystery of Mother of heaven
is opened often for the devotional soul
in the figure of the elect wife;
who as if Thou Thyself with a beautiful body
and a word of comfort in an evil hour
is able of the nature of the righteous ones
to exalt through all possible and entitative worlds
during an instant of the climax merging.

23 [Wind]
Though remember, endowed with passion
thou not for a litter's infinity,
to which has reduced human story.
Forsake a movement of crowd quickly
and thou will see the freshness tide,
a shallop on it all the feelings.
Cast off from the immobile pier,
and as good wind I shall be Self.

24 [Donation]
Needn't argue by words,
no need a barren husk.
Abandon the ritual art
for the artificial hearts.
Or it doesn't really humble spirit
whereby nor the donation to the needy,
warmth for the ailing,
openness to the neighbour.

25 [Words]
Vidya, Torah, Quran and some more
thousands of thousands words.
Yet what is the use of it for them
who is enemy of the living speeches, -
their trust and prayer are vain.
Any scripture and prophet to their term;
will pass time for the body of Her
who will come and comfort us.

26 [Bans]
At present there isn't a ban on the meat,
and what is harmful - the man knows himself.
Nowadays there are no more bans, -
didn't the feelings given by Thee?
is nor my body the nature's part?
don't my lips taste a body?
Isn't really the body of bodies with Thee,
which approached the whole world to Itself?

27 [Devotees]
The devotees will follow the Supreme
onto the brink of all eventual.
We won't go for Her omnipotence,
will go without thought of reward,
will go into perdition in Thy behalf.
And if only once to bathe in the ocean
cool, warm and shoreless
of Thy celestial beauty.

28 [Descent]
The time is ripe for the descent
the Goddess righteous among the humankind
in the chastest immediate appearance,
unlike it all things formerly are only precursory.
The world has become able to hear a feminine voice;
is ready to accept Thee with spirit
one who waits and believes in,
that there's in the world perfection.

29 [Crown]
Had strike the hour on trial.
One wants a miracle and sign like in old days.
But isn't it whether the Crown of heaven
glistering with ice above the universe,
shimmering iridescence Herself with Oneself,
will descend timely to us, 
is a genuine miracle of miracles?
If only the trust wouldn't left us ...

30 [Freedom]
The matter repeats that the all is the one,
the oneness of all is god;
to be a part of the all is not freedom,
freedom is to be all.
The spirit's utterance: there's the other to all,
the divine is solely it;
to embrace the all is not freedom,
freedom is beyond the prime cause.

31 [Lap]
I am mistress of the ice castle,
an eternity here is only a blink.
I am childless and without a darling,
nor a sister and nor a parent.
If love Me, - adopting thee
onto my snow-white lap.
Does not belong to all soulless world
will be the chastest oblivion with Me.

32 [Love]
Love with Thee is like the rivers
wafting along towards oceans,
purling nights and days,
flying from mountains into overflows,
not drying up in the glows,
nor freezing up in the colds,
with the mouths, have been kissing abysses,
again with the sources, have been conceiving the brooks...

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